Tyler Moore

I've been doing music, in one way or another, all my life. I took my grandfathers lead, and violin, as a kid and have been hooked ever since. Though known for it's classical roots, I've never had the desire to take my violin that route. My dad was always playing jazz and my mom was always listening to oldies, so the bug to go a different direction was there from the start. I was always the kid goofing off playing weird stuff in orchestra, and it wasn't at all uncommon to find me in the music building at Ohio University playing "stump the violinist" with 80's & 90's tunes, TV & movie theme songs, and show tunes. As an adult I've become affectionately known as the "mother-plucker", as I have a tendency to pick up whatever fiddle is closest without a bow and just start strummin. It can't be helped, my addiction to the violin runs deep.
Since attending Ohio University, where I got a degree in Violin Performance, I haven't really had a chance to open up into the styles of music I want to play. I've been biding my time playing in weddings, in local orchestras, and occasionally going to some jam sessions here in Columbus trying to keep in touch with some local musicians. It wasn't until I came in contact with a certain Ric "Dah Fiddlah" Smith that I was introduced to Homeland and the celtic rock world that I gave any serious thought to the genre. I have, over the years, dabbled in Irish fiddle music and I'm a big fan of groups like The Chieftains, The Corrs, and Whiskey Asylum. After meeting with the guys of Homeland and rehearsing one balmy Sunday afternoon, which was a total blast, I was invited to join the band. I'm totally stoked to play with these guys. They have a lot of fun playing and they have an excellent sound. I'll never be able to replace "Dah Fiddlah", but I'm looking
forward to making some sweet, sweet music.

Tyler uses:
An acoustic violin with a Barcus-Berry clamp-on piezo pick-up
Crate amp
RD-1 effects pedal board